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I think as French Pondicherry is mandatory in a trip in South India! To easy describe it: It looks like Nizza, but without all the people! There is the same "promenade des Anglais" and still the french House style
Pondicherry was the only big city occupied by the French. After the independence with the British, the French government from Pondicherry has made a referendum to know if the people want to stay with the french occupation or not. And the result was that the french should stay! Finally some years later, the french decided to leave before creating too much nationalismus feeling. But today there are still some 10,000 French living there.

And as all "French" town, we've found some croissant and pain au chocolat!!! and it was actually very good :)

We couldn't take any pictures inside the building we have visited. But first we went in a antique museum. Then in a Ganesha temple and just one minute away the house where "The Mother" and the Guru Aurobindo Ghose are buried. Finally with visited a Hand Made Paper factury and an Art Galery.

And now the very interested part... Auroville... I put some quotes just so you can imagine what it is...

Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity

to have more info please go to wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auroville

So we just drived some km from Pondi and here we are... This place is built around a tree: the roots of the tree are creating other trees..

and finally in the middle of nowhere there is this big ball
inside there is a meditation room only available for the people living there. We couldn't enter, but there were some bild and miniatures

It is quite strange to imagine it... The city is planned to be for 50,000 people. Today there are only 1,700 people living there.

So we go back to Pondi and walk a little bit in the promenade

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And it is already our last city trip...
Mamallapuram, perhaps 2 hours from Pondi.

A pumped rikschaw bring us to the hotel...

Little city where there are perhaps more goat than people.
It is a very old city with a history which go back to IX after jc.


Lot of bas relief telling some religious story..

in the parc

The day after we visit the temple where we need to pay. Again, foreigners 250 Rs and local only 10rs...

On the way to Chennai, we stop by the Tiger cave, and the crocodile farm. We had also the surprise to meet some venomous snake

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Back to Bengalore

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Finally back to Bengalore where we were supposed to stay only the day and leave the evening...
Little balad in the botanic garden where some dogs where trying to catch the monkeys... it was very funny because the monkeys tried to provoke the dogs...

And finally the last fatal dinner...

Then way to the airport, visit of the klinikum and finally the hospital...

Anyway, it was a really nice trip and for sure we'll go back there :)

Thanks Incredible India...

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