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or perhaps the most beautiful place we've been!

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Now it's time to say goodbye to our friends. They are flying back to Germany but no us :)
So we take a first bus (we thought it will also be our last one because the driver was just crazy...) and after some changes we finally arrived in Varkala. It is a very little city on the sea.

We chose a nice hotel where we can do some massage... And we found in love with the place so we decided to stay 2 days instead of one.

actually we found also in love with the food

after a good dinner we decided to walk on the private beach of the hotel..

there is nobody arround except some eagles...

Come back to the hotel in our super room and for the first time we over sleep :)

After a good breakfast then we decided to visit the city. It is a small city but it has many temples, and this time they are all painted! first one we see like this!

Then direction the public beach. It is extremely hot here.

There are many crabs as well on the beach... Then we finally found the piece of black sand... very nice :)

After relaxing in the pub of Bob Marley we've met again our new friend from Hampi! Very strange like the world is small.
So we continue our tour all 3 of us, direction the Golden Island... It is arround 40km from Varkala, and easily to reach with rikschaw... And it worst to go!

lot of animals are here... some eagles again
jelly fish..
again some birds...
just a magic place...

Then finally go back to the hotel to have again a wonderful dinner...and a even more wonderful sun set...

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Wake up very early to take a train to Trivandrum. This is the big city here. There is a Maharaja Palace again (but it is not so nice like in Mysore, and for sure not equivalent to our castles in France...) but it was nevertheless very interesting to discover it.

close to the palace there is a big temple but foreigners are not allowed inside

then train again to Kottayam and finally a bus to Kumily to go in the Jungle...

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Kumily / Thekkady / Perryar

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Kumily and Thekkady are the 2 small village from where we can access the parc of Perryar.

The first day we didn't wake up too early (for the trekking in the parc we have to be maximum at 8 in the parc... i guess we were still in bed)
So we decided to do the other "touristic" thing that we can do.

On the way to the first attraction, we've seen some women sorted the spicies

And now, our first elephant ride with Birna, a female of 32 years old! Very impressive, and well more comfortable than a camel...IMG_4204.jpg

then we left the place to go to the spice village. A woman explained us all the characteristic of every plants, but to be honest i forgot everything after it...hmmm but there are doing some medicament with all the plants that they have there.
In the middle there was a small tree house (cabane dans les arbres) where they are going if wild animals attack

Finally next stop, a tee plantation founded by an irish man called Connemara...

Some women were taking the tea plant. Here they are only producing Blak tea or White tea, no green tea.

After a nice explanation we go back to our home stay where they cooked for us. Now i know how to make chapatis! it's really easy :) We spent the evening with the family. We leant that almost 70% of the wedding are arranged. He has proposed 3 men to his daughter and she has taken one...he told us also that here it is forbidden to smoke, otherwise you can have expensive tickets if the police see you. Then we talk a lot about the tension between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and all the pacts they have together. Very interesting!

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Bamboo Rafting in Perryar

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We have chosen one of the program proposed by the government. You need the permission of the governement to enter the parc...
But after the day, we have seen the Bamboo but not really any rafting...

So we were a small group of 13 tourists plus 4 "guides" and a hunter with a gun in case we are facing dangerous animals... At the beginning they advised us that we have to be lucky to see any animals. There are only 43 tigers left (and they are afraid of human) and perhaps 1500 elephant.
Anyway we start our trip by crossing a river were the "boat" was almost under water.

And we were lucky... We've met some animals all around the day:
then very very lucky...

We continue to walk and reach the lake where we are going to do some bamboo rafting..

here the boats...
the good point is that we are a little bit higher than the boat...


On the way back again some animals..

A very long day but so good! 5pm the visit is over... we take a rikschaw to the center because we are very lucky today is the Tiger fest. They take the bigger man (perhaps they had too much beer...) and they just paint a tiger on it... and everybody in the village came to see it!

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Another very nice place, rich in history. Madurai.
It tooks us only 3 hours to reach Madurai by bus from Kumilly. Madurai is a city where there are 2 temples together surrounded by 5 doors (1 in North, 1 in South, 1 in West and 2 East).

the temple is closed for the day due to Shiva festival... Anyway we went so to the Palace to see the light and sound show...

The next day the temples were opened so we just go there first.
Very nice place!

Then we went to Gandhi Museum. They have in this museum the last close that Gandhi has worn. In this museum was related the story of the independence of India, and we were quite surprised at which point they hate the British... In all the comments they are extremely severe and never talked about some good points that it could have brought. It was more a chock when we were after in Pondicherry because there at the opposite they loved the French occupancy and there are still lot of french living there...
Anyway, Gandhi..

Incredible India... just like this in the street we can see some strange personnage :)

Then night train to Pondicherry :)

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