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Ajith's Wedding !

and finally the day we are waiting for almost 1 year... the Indian wedding :)

First we start by a little breakfast (extremely spicy for us poor european...)

Then it is time to put our nice Saree :)

Ceremony begins. We take place in the big wedding hall

All the 3 girls are asked to bring the fire with the other Indian girls...to welcome the Bride

Both Ajith and his future wife are doing something but separately...

Then the bride site..

Then the Bride receive from her husband a new Saree. So she leave the stage for almost one hour to put her new saree. In this time the ceremony continue with Ajith. Here we can have an apercu of the stage. There were a lot of cameraman and photograph! and the public was not really concentrated...

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Ajith's Wedding ! (2)

A lot of preparation for the upcoming of the bride

then we were lucky to be invented on the stage to see better the ceremony...

Ajith is now receving the benedection of the rice plant..
and he has receved a strange wood stuck

Now comes the part of they are interacted together. They are exchanging some rice and it is the time of the father of the bride gives her daughter to her husband...

Now they are sitting together arround a fire, where they will through some rice inside

They need to then walk together to the fire b walking in some piece of wood

Now it's time to put the fire...

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Ajith's Wedding ! (3)

Some pics of us with Saree and Dauti (or doti i don't know, but the Man dress)

To accompanier the ceremony, some people were playing music

Time to give our present - and to take a nice pics with the new couple

Now it is time to go to eat. Actually nobody is eating together (and i'm quite sure the new couple didn't get anything to eat). There is another room in the first floor (where we've taken the breakfast) where everybody can go to eat. When we came, there was already in each table a banana leaves with all the different curry. They just serve the rice once the people are at the table... To drink we received a kind of karamel pudding and a banana very strong beverage (actually i can't really discribe it, and it tasted very strange)

The room to eat is not at all with decoration like for a wedding in Europe

but i reconize that they are well organized to receive so many people to eat... even if it was a small wedding (only 500 people invited according to Ajith's father), they have really done a great job with the food:
here a "small" place for rice (for arround 300 to 400 people)

then some containers to put the different curry...

after the lunch it is time to go. It is arround 1.30 pm and the ceremony will continue to Ajith place, where now his wife has to come to stay with him (just the time she is making her luggage to fly back to Germany with him...)
Very nice and strange experience, but for sure we will remember for a long time!! Hopefully the family of both side explained us a little bit what there were doing!

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After the wedding we take a train to Allepey. The train is overcrowded this time but we still manage to get some place.
Once in Allapey we take a taxi to our home stay which is a very nice old Dutch House

Now direction the beach since the sun is still there


Only men are in water... but I don't care, i've never been in Indian Ocean before :) ..but of course i need to keep my clothe on..

a very nice sunset..

and the man we see on the picture from sunset just came to us... he has catched in his nets a nice sea cobra... and according to him people can die if they are bitten...he just left him in the sea where some people where still swimming... super

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Black Waters

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Now it's time to explore the black waters.
All our bags are ready
and a rikschaw comes to pick us up and bring us to the houseboat.

we just walk some meter where all the boats are and finally we've found ours.

Now it's time to leave for a 15 hours trip

After navigating some minutes we reached a lake... and the woman have the same transportation we used to take in Hampy becasue we came too late...ahah

Some fishermen

now it's time to have lunch. All the boat are doing the same and just trying to find a small piece of earth where they can attach their boats

and now lunch... and yes, we've asked...it's not a pyrana...hmm but I would not like to meet this kind of fish in the sea...

The evening was quite strange. At 9.45pm the capitain came and told us to go in bed... we found it strange but he wanted to sleep where we were playing cards... Anyway the night was ok and they took us safely back to Allepey.

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